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Our son was born ten weeks premature.  It was a bewildering experience because of all the questions and concerns we had and because of all the immediate decisions we were facing in the NICU regarding our son's care.  In those first few hours and days of uncertainty and difficulty, we discovered a team of sensitive, thoughtful, dedicated and professional doctors from Sunflower Neonatology Associates. 

On a hourly and daily basis, they were an amazing and calming presence in our lives.  These doctors made sure to explain every medical procedure in ways that we could understand.  They regarded each question we had as important and provided us with as much information as we required regarding our son's treatment.  They worked well and cohesively with all the staff at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. 

After seven weeks, our son left the NICU healthy.  Sunflower took great care of him and of us while we were in the NICU and assisted us with a comprehensive plan for discharge. We recognize that every family's experience in NICU is different.  We believe that our son has grown to become such a wonderful and kind child.   And we have come to believe that having the doctors of Sunflower right by our side in the first few crucial hours and in the subsequent weeks really made a significant difference in helping us to nurture such an incredible son.  We will be forever thankful to all the doctors at Sunflower.   

A.M., J.W. and M.W.
April 2013

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